Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing

Buying and selling residential property, whether for personal or investment purposes, is a significant event and at Paula Sutherland & Associates we understand the importance of this and can assist you every step of the way.  We provide an efficient and affordable service to clients wishing to either buy or sell a residential property.

We offer expert advice and assistance:

For purchasers:

  • from reviewing a contract, to ensure it properly protects your interests and achieves the intended outcome
  • in drafting a contract for you if you have not yet had one prepared, or otherwise amending it where required
  • undertaking the necessary searches in relation to the property, including searches via the local council, land titles office and other organisations
  • liaising with your financier where finance is required
  • attending settlement on your behalf

For vendors:

  • reviewing the sale contract and providing comprehensive and tailored advice
  • drafting the contract for you, or amending it where necessary
  • undertaking the required searches in relation to the property you are selling
  • attend settlement of your sale transaction

We would urge both buyers and sellers to have a sale contract reviewed prior to execution.  This avoids potentially costly and protracted disputes when people sign a contract without appreciating some of the contractual obligations it can impose.

As your transaction progresses, we keep you fully updated and provide advice in relation to insurance, the outcomes of searches conducted and any requests from the other party such as for an extension of time.

For more information on residential conveyancing, please download our digital brochure:

Residential Conveyancing Brochure

Please do not hesitate to contact Paula Sutherland & Associates for any queries you have in relation to your conveyancing needs and discuss our competitive pricing structure.

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